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Adjectives about kids can be used in a variety of ways: As a parent trying to improve the self-esteem of your own child. Jus's choice of attire paired with his race identifies him in Castillo's eyes as a person of interest. The officer, who is named Castillo, tells Jus that he has been following him and that he knew Jus "was up to no good" as soon as he saw Jus's hood on (8). Eventually, Melo's dad, Mr. Taylor, called Mrs. Friedman, who is an attorney, and she was able to demand that they release Jus from the handcuffs after several hours. I fell back, Admirable. And calling out in desperation things l Of a ball stung by Joe Barone. In response, Jared argues, "'Not every white person who kills a black person is guilty of a crime. This passage reveals to us that Jus is an extremely hard worker with ambitious goals. The tension builds in Chapter 13, as Manny gets upset and on a drive with Jus that quickly gets out-of-control. The English language offers several words that describe the appearance of someone. spoken word, rap etc.) His t-shirt riding up over his gut, Not affiliated with Harvard College. More books than SparkNotes. From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. Look ahead for examples of the specific language . album. Ultimately, Mr. Rivers chooses to walk away from his job, and he and Dr. Rivers, Manny's mom, are forced to move. Jus knows Manny's cousinhis name is Quan Banks and they grew up in the same neighborhood. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/8-letter-words.htm, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary. Read at your own risk! She stands next to Jus through every struggle he faces in life. Ringed by elms and fir and honeysuckle. Throughout Dear Martin, Justyce writes letters to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Justyce feels close to this historical figure and earnestly tries to find guidance by writing him letters and, through that, imagining his response. Growing fuzzier each time I whiffed. During Jus's Societal Evolution class in Chapter 3, Jared and SJ argue about these realities, using Manny and Jus's lives as evidence to back up their claims. Copy. Justyce is the protagonist of Dear Martin. Night or day, I make sure to take care of the people in my life. They bring up Shemar Carson and disagree over whether or not the officer's lack of indictment meant that he was in the right. Earbuds too. Dear Martin tells the story of Justyce a black boy who was imprisoned unfairly while trying to help a white girl. . Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. delicate. Long live Trap Queen. In Chapter 11, Doc reveals to Jus that he, like Manny, grew up attending a predominantly white school. Our psychology, due to our personality and learned . 1 of 2, A tasting menu of vivid flavor descriptions. Nevertheless, Doc got his PhD thanks to his own confidence in himself and determination of will. Coming from the Greek words melas ( "black") and khole ( bile), it was once thought that when your spleen produces an excess of black bile, you feel gloomy. He struggles with the realities of racism in the United States as well as among his own community at Bras Prep. As an educated black man, Doc is one of, Shemar Carson is a seventeen-year-old black boy from Nevada who is shot and killed by a white police officer. But, once you start playing, you might start singing another tune about the real difficulty involved, and we will tell you why. I watched it closing in Martel dresses in and surrounds himself with African items to remind himself and the rest of the Black Jihad "of ancient Kemet" so that they don't forget "our imperial roots" (160). Which two elements are essential in the introduction of a persuasive essay? Crouching low, my feet set, Her father is a Hall of Fame NFL linebacker and her mom is Norwegian. Nevertheless, Castillo still arrests him violently without cause. English can be tricky, and labeling or finding specific parts of speech is even more so. Fluffy as a pillow. She is also white. After class, Jared continues his argument that racism no longer exists while he is alone with his friends, including Manny, who is Black. In the first letter to Martin, Jus wonders if he would mind that they are addressed to "Martin" rather than "Dr. King": "First and foremost, please know I mean you no disrespect with the whole 'Martin' thing. Manny often has the newest games and most expensive toys: in Chapter 2, he and Jus play the new Madden game, which "doesn't even hit the shelves for another week" (15). As a teacher looking for descriptions to include in report cards or progress reports. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking & knitting. In his first letter to Dr. Martin Luther King, he describes his various accomplishments: "I'm ranked fourth in my graduating class of 83, I'm the captain of the debate team, I scored a 1560 and a 34 on my SATs and ACTs respectively, and despite growing up in a 'bad' area. During one of his speeches between songs, John reportedly said, "I was thinking about reputation." He then clarified, saying, "Not the album, but that's still fine. However, the police believe he stole the car and is trying to take advantage of a girl, white and unconscious. How does the speaker reflect on the fact that Giles is getting older? He convinces Jus to meet with Martel, the leader of the Black Jihad. So it was not impossible that I, Just couldnt resist the pretty white girl whod locked her keys in her car, could ya?, Instant downloads of all 1699 LitChart PDFs In essence, Taylordle is a challenge designed to test every Swifties knowledge about Taylor Swift this includes everyone on Taylors acquaintance roster (at least all the publicized friendships and famous foes, it could even be her significant other or he-who-must-not-be-named in the Swift universe), running memesor even her favorite drink. Many tells Jus that his relationship with Melo is toxic. And calling out in desperation things like Sagittarians are self-sufficient, independent, and free; they're paving their own way and don't care if you're joining them or not. Tison Indictment Step Forward for Justice or Grand Jury Blunder. At Bras Prep, Jus is one of only a few Black kids at his school. (31). Quan Banks is Manny's cousin. from WordFinder. As Laura Elizabeth Oldham points out, Justyce becomes invisible in this sceneCastillo renders Jus's personhood irrelevant by the assumptions that he makes based on how Jus looks. He writes about the systemic racism that he faces on a daily basis in letters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and tries to apply Dr. King's teachings to his life. This belief is rooted in the Ancient Greek school of medicine called . Trailblazer: Both figuratively and literally, Sagittarians are open to trying ideas . First, your answer must start with a simple and clear characteristic. Creative. One moose, two moose. a counterargument Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Who is Justyce McAllister's best friend?, Why did Officer Castillo handcuff Justyce?, Who is Manny's racist/arrogant friend? The Question and Answer section for Dear Martin is a great The fascinating story behind many people's favori Can you handle the (barometric) pressure? How to Get a Dordle App. At that moment Justyce is arrested even saying that he is helping the girl. Thus, following his encounter with Officer Castillo, Justyce must reevaluate his world-view. There was a wild stamping of hands on the ground, And that was important, as important By the end of his letter, Jus realizes that "there is nowhere to run"the problems that he is dealing with will follow him wherever he goes (37). Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a prominent activist and preacher during the Civil Rights Movement. While a moonglade is a flash of moonlight reflecting on water, its synonym moonwake is a great word to describe how the moon's reflection on the water seems to follow you as you walk along the shore. However, Castillo racially profiles Jus and believes him to be "up to no good." A rewarding workplace starts with building a culture of recognition. They've got my back as long as I have theirs. He is a wealthy white kid from Atlanta. PDFs of modern translations of every Shakespeare play and poem. Evermore (Deluxe) 'That was the moment I knew'. Coronation Street stars Georgia Taylor and Charlie de Melo have confirmed their romance by sharing a sweet snap of themselves together. Wanton. All of us writhing on the ground for one reason He has been accepted to Morehouse College and plans to attend following the completion of his senior year of high school. Whether it be playing guitar, singing, rocking out to music, or making up her own lyrics to popular songs, music is a huge part of her life. Struggling with distance learning? Before it can be retried, however, Tison is killed in his jail cell by three other inmates. Start QUIZZING yourself on this word list, TRACKING big points in a dizzying APPROACH that FRAZZLES your opponent. 2023. Describing someone can be a challenge because everyone is so unique and we all have our own distinguishing characteristics which often leave us tongue-tied when trying to describe another person . At Bras Prep, Jus is one of only a few Black kids at his school. With 10 years of experience in the camping world, she has a lot to bring to camp. Jus is attracted to Melo's appearance; he notes early on that she is "the finest girl he's ever laid eyesnot to mention handson," (5). One wrong move, and Jus might've been the next Shemar Carson" (15). My forehead with a thud. The Question and Answer section for Dear Martin is a great It hits him: Luther King, Jr. that he was only trying to do a good deed by helping, thanks him but declines his offer, instead rubbing his sore wrists and telling him that, Refusing to drop the issue, Manny points out that. Answer: Justyce McAllister is a seventeen-year-old African American boy from a "bad area" in Atlanta, Georgia. Find related themes, quotes, symbols, characters, and more. Sign in to get our newsletter and never lose the words you save, Keep me in the loop! You have been warned!). He tells his mom, "'All I know is I can't seem to find where I fit. Complete your free account to access notes and highlights. Unnatural and without any moves, Write a 2-5 paragraph essay explaining the similarities with how Wilma Rudolph, Bethany Hamilton, and Erik Weihenmayer overcame personal challenges to You'll also get updates on new titles we publish and the ability to save highlights and notes. Found 80148 8-letter words for Scrabble, Words With Friends, WordHub, and Crosswords. Jus describes what he heard on the news: "The details are hazy since there weren't any witnesses, but what's clear is this cop shot an unarmed kid. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!, This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. You can also view the word lists of the other levels of The Word Up Project. Even though the one above can only be deemed as the tip of an iceberg, it is somewhere to start, right? There are red flag words to describe yourself that you want to avoid. This means that Jus's letters are not completely one-sided. Later, when working for his PhD, Doc had to deal with a racist advisor who told him that he would never succeed. Throughout the novel, Dr. King (for obvious reasons) never responds to Jus, which means that as a character he mostly exists inside of Jus's head. As such, work culture represents an intangible, valuable and difficult to change element of a firm. As we know, Castillo's use of force in this scene is completely unwarranted. Jared is Manny's friend at Bras Prep. Please help!!!!!! Jus doesn't really like Jared but he and Manny have been friends for many years: "Justyce isn't real fond of Jaredor any of Manny's other friends for that matterbut he knows they've all been tight since kindergarten, so he tries to keep a lid on it" (20). After Chapter 1, we see Jus's first letter addressed to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Jus explains to Dr. King that he is an exemplary student at his selective preparatory school, which he attends on a full scholarship: "I'm ranked fourth in my graduating class of 83, I'm the captain of the debate team, I scored a 1560 and a 34 on my SATs and ACTs respectively, and despite growing up in a 'bad' area (not too far from your old stomping grounds), I have a future ahead of me that will likely include an Ivy League education, an eventual law degree, and a career in public policy" (10). With 10 years of experience in the camping world, she has a lot to bring to camp. unified. having a pleasantly flowing quality suggestive of music, not harsh or stern especially in nature or effect, having an easygoing and pleasing manner especially in social situations. Consistent. Part of what distinguishes Jus as a suspect in Castillo's eyes is the fact that Jus has a hood on. Music is one of her passions. Trap Queen is dead. Norway. Need 10 or 8 words. Sweet: A sugary flavour. PDFs of modern translations of every Shakespeare play and poem. SCRABBLE and WORDS WITH FRIENDS are the property of their respective trademark owners. Although not anywhere near complete, we have compiled for you130 potentialTaylordle words for you in a list-form, it also includes everything from song titles to 5-letter names of the pop singers famous friends, artists/bands she has collaborated with, people she has famous beef with or even recently reconciled therefore, may entail spoilers! Here, Officer Castillo uses excessive force as soon as he arrives on the scene. Creating notes and highlights requires a free LitCharts account. nauseating - a smell that causes disgust, loathing, or revulsion. He is a loyal and supportive friend to Jus. Swifties who are now addicted to Taylordle have figured out that their guesses should go beyond the singular trajectory of songs, lyrics, or album titles to include names that are associated with her. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Dear Martin. Delivered to your inbox! He goes to help her at a FarmFresh parking lot when she is too drunk to drive. Jus learns from his encounter with Castillo that racism is still a pressing issue in the United States. Manny pushes back against Jus's decision to get back together with Melo, reminding Jus that she had cheated on him previously and was the reason that he sat in handcuffs for three hours. Hope you don't mind that" (10). Often related to describe acidic foods. Many adjectives can be used to describe people. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Just as long as it's not a resume or job interview, I'm sure you can find a place to put these descriptors to good use. Trey first appears in Chapter 5, during the Halloween Party. Jared is wealthy and white, and his family goes to the same country club as Manny's family. Even though the relationship between them has ended, Justice still likes her and when he learns that she is drunk in the car unable to drive he gets in the car and decides to take her to her house safely. The climax of the novel occurs in Chapter 14, when Manny and Jus are both shot. For example, it could be rushing in their ears, or their pulse could . The following is a list of words and adjectives to describe yourself, broken down into different categories. Then, you are probably already in the know aboutTaylordle, the sparkling new offspring of the viral word game, Wordle, that has turned the Swiftie universe topsy-turvy. She comforts Jus when he feels discouraged about the racism he faces at Bras Prep. He is a full-scholarship student who I want to try to live like you. Justyce is an observant and empathetic person who is trying to find the best path for himself. 5. It soon becomes clear Jared and SJ have widely disparate perceptions of the Shemar Carson case. Mrs. Friedman drove Jus back to his dorm at Braselton Preparatory Academy. She has raised Jus by herself since Jus was 11 years old, when his father died in a drunk driving accident. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. compassionate. Persistent. Jus tries to help Melo, but she fights back against him and insists that she can drive home herself. Click 'Sign in with Google' to accept YourDictionary's. Crazy. Just in case you havent caught on yet, let me bring you up to speed. A well-known folk tale, "Bean Soup" is a favorite story among children. It is declared a mistrial. He also reflects on Manny and his friends and reveals that he is annoyed at Manny for letting his "crew" slide with so many offensive comments. His neighborhood is described as "bad" in quotation marks, suggesting that someone else has said these words, but that Jus does not necessarily disagree. I have a future ahead of me that will likely include an Ivy League education, an eventual law degree, and a career in public policy" (10). His upper body slams onto the trunk with so much force, he bites the inside of his cheek, and his mouth fills with blood. Cooper, James ed. Justyce grows increasingly uncomfortable over the course of the conversation and excuses himself to the bathroom before class has finished. Evermore (Deluxe) 'My mind turns your life into folklore'. In Fig. Melody is a group of pitches and rhythms which make up the main "tune" of a song or piece. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. Spicy: A burning taste from roasting spices. Follow these steps to prepare for when employers say 'Describe yourself in three words': 1. (8). Their discussion topicthe phrase "all men are created equal" from the Declaration of Independenceleads Jared to argue that race-based inequality no longer exists in the United States. Chapter 1 + Letter Using 8 exact words from the text, describe MELO TAYLOR Why is the above definition IRONIC, in light of what happened to Justyce McAllister in the first chapter? Allen, Alessandra. He is thinking about Shemar Carson; a grand jury chose not to indict the police officer who shot him. Jus feels as if this unjust encounter with the police has changed him and resolves to pay more attention to his surroundings. Tugging at my cap in just the right way, 5. 1. Melo is widely considered the most attractive girl in Justyce's class, which is partially why he finds it so difficult to break up with her once and for all. Jus spends a lot of time with Doc, even when class is not in session. Martel is the leader of the gang called Black Jihad. 60+ Great Adjectives to Describe a Good Man Based on their looks. Run away?" Tipped with cirrus. Through his tears, picking me up There is no shortage of words to describe food. His head smacks the doorframe just before a hand clamps down on the back of his neck. Explain what it means and how this relates to Justyces life and the events in the book so far. Teachers and parents! His mom is a psychologist. Jus introduces him in Chapter 3: "He's the only (half) black guy Jus knows with a PhD, and Jus really looks up to him" (20). Even though the relationship between them has ended, Justice still likes her and when he . finds himself slammed face-down onto the hood while the officer handcuffs him. Nglish: Translation of mellow for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of mellow for Arabic Speakers. When you lay down all seven letter tiles on your rack, building on a letter already on the board, you unleash a massive 50-point bingo bonus in Scrabble and a 35-point bonus in Words With Friends. The news of this incident reaches, Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. During the year she is the Youth & Teen Director here at the JCC directing JCrew Afterschool Program and running vacation camps, our youth theater program, and enrichment classes. Below are some good, descriptive characteristics you could use: Energetic. In a letter he writes to the dead civil-rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he explains his background academic achievements, and hopes for the future: "My name is Justyce McAllister. The distinction between the two is clear (now). otherwise noted. The idea for the Describing Words engine came when I was building the engine for Related Words (it's like a thesaurus, but gives you a much broader set of related words, rather than just synonyms). Great leaders such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson, etc., show great care, effort, and attention to everything around them. But, Officer, I, You keep your mouth shut. The cop squats and gets right in Justyces face. Jus later reveals in his fourth letter to Martin that he ran into Trey when he went back home to tell his mom about his acceptance to Yale. Web Look to Angelo David Salon when you need hair salons specializing in alopecia or if you are struggling with thinning hair for any other reason. Jus tries to explain himself, but the officer hits him in the face before he can continue. In the aftermath of his violent encounter with Officer Castillo, Justyce decides to write epistolary diary entries to Dr. King, constantly asking himself what the reverend would do in his position. diffusing warmth and friendliness. Sarah-Jane "SJ" Friedman is Jus's friend from school. While Jus's eyes have been opened to the reality of police brutality in America, his peers at Bras Prep remain unconvinced. Detailed quotes explanations with page numbers for every important quote on the site. See answer (1) Best Answer. LitCharts Teacher Editions. In Chapter 13, Manny reveals that Jared's father, Mr. Christensen, is pressing charges against Manny for assaulting his son. Or use our Unscramble word solver. Manny weakly stands up for his friend, but the rest of the boys barrel forward in their conversation. The class quickly goes off-topic, however, when there is a disagreement over whether everyone is equal in the US today. Pretty sure the courts proved that yesterday.'" Dont you say shit to me, you son of a bitch. 'There is nothing I do better than revenge'. Before he can get his head out of the car, he feels a tug on his shirt and is yanked backward. I have heard that she was described as a country pop princess i believe and i would definitely go with that. trained. . Other than synonyms (e.g. This takes place shortly before the beginning of the novel, but the story of Shemars death, Mr. Taylor is a former professional football player, and, Martel Montgomery is the leader of the Black Jihad, a gang from, Trey is a member of the Black Jihad, a gang from, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a prominent activist and preacher during the Civil Rights Movement. SPOILER ALERT: The following list is compiled as a reference for the players. Showing no care for the feelings of others; out of control. SJ is Jay's friend and lab partner since sophomore year. Crumbly. 'Time won't fly it's like I'm paralyzed by it'. Write three to four sentences explaining how the original version helps you visualize and understand the poems story. Dr. King becomes Jus's confidant and role model. Reliable. Don't think too deeply at first, and just see what you initially think of. "Creepy." Merriam-Webster.com Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/creepy.Accessed 2 Mar. They kill us for their sport.". lyrics and poetic devices used in lyrics such as rhyme and metaphor. Manny, Jared Christensen, and SJ are also in this class. recruited. 'Thin' is often used in a negative way: She's very pretty but she's too thin. He and Jus end up getting in a fight, where Justyce punches both him and Jared in the face. The climax of the novel occurs in Chapter 14, when Manny and Jus are both shot. Unpredictable. When arresting Jus, he tells him, "I know your kind: punks like you wander the streets of nice neighborhoods searching for prey. She is an attorney. Justyce is innocent. Would suddenly find myself in the path This vocabulary word list is free and printable, but is also available through our systematic vocabulary development program, The Word Up Project, which has been proven to raise scores. The use of oral appliances in the treatment of TMD and bruxism is extremely common, with millions of oral appliances fabricated by dentists in the United States each year. Jared is talking loudly about their class discussion and is upset at Doc's suggestion that there is racial inequality in the US today: "What kind of teacher has the nerve to suggest there's racial inequality to a classroom full of millennials?" During the dispute, Officer Tison shoots him and Jus. SJ responds, "'All the courts 'proved' yesterday was that a white guy can kill an unarmed teenager and get away with it if the kid is black'" (27). You'll be able to access your notes and highlights, make requests, and get updates on new titles. read analysis of Sarah-Jane (SJ) Friedman, read analysis of Mrs. McCallister / Justyces Mother. As Joe Barone asking me how I was Jus's encounter with police brutality leads him to think about other instances of police brutality that have made national headlines. He has kept his life on the straight and narrow, despite the fact that he grew up "in a 'bad' area," because he wants to achieve his goals. Where is Melo's mother from? 14 pages at 300 words per page) View a FREE sample. When he transferred to a more integrated high school, he felt out of place and unable to stand up to expectations from both white and Black students. They help differentiate between items in a group by calling out distinguishing features. These lists are extremely problematic. The way the content is organized. Officer Castillo is ultimately killed by Quan Banks, Manny's cousin. He and his friends punch Blake in the face because of his Klansman costume. thump instead of pound or gallop instead of race ), you could also use comparison, e.g. Chapter 14 is just three words in a vertical column: Dear Martin study guide contains a biography of Nic Stone, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. 6. Quan talks about black mans curse. Clean and untouched, transfixed Wanton (adj.) It was in an empty lot Music is one of her passions. "My students can't get enough of your charts and their results have gone through the roof." Well-chosen words create vivid imagery without slowing action or boring readers. Select all the correct answers. + Using the DEAR MARTIN letter (page 10-) how did Justyce view himself BEFORE the arrest? I'm ranked fourth in my graduating class of 83, I'm the captain of the debate team, I scored a 1560 and a 34 on my SATs and ACTs respectively, and despite growing up in a 'bad' area (not too far from your old stomping grounds), I have a future ahead of me that will likely include an Ivy League education, an eventual law degree, and a career in public policy" (10). At the end of Part 1, Manny is shot and killed by an off-duty police officer, Garret Tison, following an argument about the volume of Manny's music. Tyler is part of Jared and Manny's "crew" of friends. He has racially profiled Jus and seems to hold on to racial bias against Black people in general. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Taylor Swift is famous in the circle for her extensive discography, her impeccable rhyming skills, and her ability to pen instant hits in a span of seconds. It is definitesolutely permitted to create new words, even (oh, the blasphemy!) Practical. 2. The concept of human moods was discovered around the 1830s by Thomas Brown, along with emotions and feelings. PDF downloads of all 1699 LitCharts literature guides, and of every new one we publish. As a result, Jus begins to feel like he doesn't fit in at Bras Prep. Mr. Rivers is photographed leading a protest that shut down a highway in Atlanta, which leads to his firm losing several high-profile clients. tone, texture, melody. The fact that Jus includes this prelude to the letter tells us that he knows a lot about Dr. King's teachings and feels close to him, as if he and Dr. King are "homie[s]." He is a wealthy white kid from Atlanta. Creating notes and highlights requires a free LitCharts account. And dropped from laughter, and there we were, These trademark owners are not affiliated with, and do not endorse and/or sponsor, LoveToKnow, its products or its websites, including yourdictionary.com. Of Williamsport, Pa. and a neighborhood game, -Graham S. Officer Tommy Castillo is a white police officer who brutally assaults and arrests, Officer Garrett Tison is a white police officer who shoots and kills, Doc teaches Societal Evolution at Braselton Preparatory Academy and is the leader of the schools debate team. (21-2). . Jus relays that he was not sure where he stood on the issue before his encounter with Officer Castillo. During the year she is the Youth & Teen Director here at the JCC directing JCrew Afterschool Program and running vacation camps, our youth theater program, and enrichment classes. happy or sad) Manny asks Jus if he wants to talk about his feelings, but Jus avoids the conversation. Where to Play Dordle? Curious. In Part 1: Pages 1-45, how far does Justyce have to walk to find Melo? Just like the one Castillo kept his hand on while treating Jus like a criminal. Even bigger fan of Taylor Swift? Officer Castillo throws police protocol out of the window and instead apprehends Justyce without even asking details about what is going on: "Before he can get his head out of the car, he feels a tug on his shirt and is yanked backward. In the Epilogue, Jared and Justyce reconcile while they are visiting Manny's grave and make plans to hang out once they return to school. He is currently in juvenile detention awaiting charges. She has had a crush on Jus since the 10th grade, though she does not reveal this fact until the end of the novel. Do what you would do. Garret Tison is a white police officer with the Atlanta PD who has been in law enforcement for over 27 years. Get printable worksheets to teach 8th grade vocabulary now! In Part One: Pages 1-45, how long before Justyce sees Melo, is he at his friend Manny's place?

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