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Any other fees that may apply are detailed in the Voyager Terms of Service. Coinbase Pro has fees at 0.5% which is high, but makes up for it with the lower withdrawal fees. Stay safe! Market makers enjoy reduced fees however at Kraken. Get the latest tips you need to manage your money delivered to you biweekly. It's a flat fee that won't increase as your account assets grow. Voyager states the rate will be 0.10% to 0.30% depending on your loyalty program tier.Its difficult to judge this card fully until it hits the market. Plaid and 2-factor authentication are the main features. SecuX V20 & W20 Review Is This Hardware Crypto Wallet Safe & Legit? Also can get the interest elsewhere. That's not what its made for. FTX will win against Voyager for all intermediate or advanced traders, as FTX offers 323 coins and 492 trading pairs, which is again far higher than Voyagers 80+ coins offering. Active traders who need access to order books and advanced charting functionality may prefer using Coinbase Pro, FTX, Binance, or KuCoin though their fee structures and product offerings differ and will charge users likely more commission than Voyager given its 0 commission fee schedule, as they all use volume-tiered fee schedules. This fee is determined by the blockchain network fees and may vary depending on network usage. Whats the deal? out Voyager also recently filed for bankruptcy. Bottom line: Voyager is a great choice for mobile-oriented crypto investors who want to trade more than 100 cryptocurrencies at low costs. You will also need to provide your social security number. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. We're proud of our content and guidance, and the information we provide is objective, independent, and free. My Invest Voyager bonus code: Hidden fees that are rolled into every market buy, market sell, limit buy and limit sell. Sorry New York, those financial regulations always leave you out just like they did with BlockFi. If there is anything dodgy about the platform, the investors would have discovered it. Thats how the Voyager Digital app makes its money. However, Voyager doesn't let you utilize margin accounts or futures trading (futures are contracts that give you the right to buy or sell an asset at a certain price on an upcoming date) like Kraken does. What Are VeeFriends And Are They Worth It? Personal Finance Insider's review of eToro. However withdrawal fees could be better and are quite standard, coming in at $5-10. However, you still pay a spread fee. The winner here is clearly Celsius. Withdraw $124 back into your bank account. The team is a combo of Wall Street and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who teamed up to bring a better, more transparent, and cost efficient alternative for trading digital assets to the marketplace. The responses in the comments below are not provided or commissioned by any advertiser. But fees vary for each platform. With Voyager, you can earn passive crypto rewards on your holdings. Our Rating: 2.00 stars. There are some very high fees hidden into the Buy/Sell Spreads that can range from 1% to 3%. There is a 1% conversion fee if the crypto is being withdrawn in fiat, and standard transaction fees for crypto withdrawals which depend on the blockchain fees. We aim so create all our content so that even they can understand it! Free deposits and various withdrawal fees. According to its website, you can sign up and begin investing in three minutes or less. Voyager also pays bugbounties to incentivize users and white hat security experts to report potential security flaws. These fees depend on the coin but can range anywhere from 1% to 3%. For crypto withdrawals, once they are approved based on AML procedures, on average, it takes from 30 minutes to several hours for a transaction to be confirmed due to the blockchain. There are thousands of financial products and services out there, and we believe in helping you understand which is best for you, how it works, and will it actually help you achieve your financial goals. Yes, Voyager takes extensive security precautions and is regularly audited in its reserves and financial statements of the company given that it is a publicly traded company. The company describes itself as a broker that facilitates trading through its routing technology. Here's what to know about this increasingly popular digital currency before getting involved. Its been that way for quite a while. The company claims the failure of Three Arrows Capital and the volatility in the market as reasons for this decision. All trades can only be done against the USD (more on that later). You can invest in more than 100 crypto assets with either platform. And our partners can never pay us to guarantee favorable reviews (or even pay for a review of their product to begin with). It has strong regulation and insurance which means its safer than many other exchanges but the downside is that those costs get passed to you via higher withdrawal fees, which for most users is a non issue. What this essentially means is that you can compare different spreads and liquidity among crypto exchanges. Its safe to say that this round is a draw. FTX cannot be used by US persons but Voyager can, though FTX offers a US version of its exchange whose trade offerings are far more limited than its parent global exchange and do not at all compare to FTX Internationals selection, and are less than what is offered at Voyager, though it remains competitive. I set a limit order for roughly $1500 and then made 2 separate withdrawals of $1000 each, and left the remaining $1500 to decide later. Comment Policy: We invite readers to respond with questions or comments. There is a Voyager crypto website, but its pretty much a landing page for the app. Your referral also gets $25 in free Bitcoin.This is a very competitive referral program. These include: Voyager Digital Brokerage LTD owns and operates Voyager Institutional. of Voyager was founded in 2017 and is based in New York City. Because of this, they are held to a higher standard of scrutiny. Binance is the leading global crypto established exchange by trading volume, offering a much larger selection of cryptocurrencies than Voyagerover 351 coins and over 1300 pairs. Voyager has no fee trades, yes. But Voyager isn't exactly an exchange. Finally, you can use the in-app support option to submit a support ticket. Thats why our Voyager review is covering what Voyager offers, its fees, and how to decide if it's the right platform for you. However I should add that problems are usually resolved; they just take way more time than youd expect from such reputable companies. Up to 10% APY on over 50 cryptocurrencies, such as. The Voyager app is still available, and the team behind it is hopeful for. Additionally, Voyager states that loyalty program members will eventually earn cryptocurrency cash back for spending. Withdrawal fees on Voyager vary depending on the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. The team also maintains ablog with news and reports. Fee Example: if you bought and sold the exact same coin within 1 second, youd already be down 3%. Similarly to Voyagerm, Celsius has its own CEL token. Voyager offers access to 80+ crypto coins and USD trading pairs, for only spot trading, with commission-free trading and otherwise very low fees on a high quality mobile app platform, Intermediate to advanced traders trading margin or futures who desire access to advanced trading tools and charting would prefer to pick a different exchange especially if desiring one not requiring KYC, as Voyager is best suited for investors or more casual spot traders. Thats very high! Heres a quick overview of some of the most popular options. Blockfi vs Celsius Network: Safety, Interest Rates, Supported Coins, Sia Coin (SC) Price Prediction 2023 | 2025 | 2030 Future Forecast For SIA Price. Interestingly, Voyager states that they are commission-free but in the small print they say additional fees may apply. Voyager is also a FinCen registered Money Service Business now traded on US OTC markets under VYGVF. Our opinions are always our own. All Rights Reserved, Voyager Review (Crypto Exchange + Fees + Coin List), Review (Crypto Exchange Review + Fees + Coin List), KuCoin Review (Crypto Exchange + Fees + Coin List), Upbit Review (Crypto Exchange + Fees + Coin List), OKX Review (Crypto Exchange + Fees + Coin List), Not every asset that is available for purchase can be withdrawn, Crypto assets: deposits and withdrawalsno deposit fees. However, Voyager still lacks the brand presence that Coinbase has achieved. At least that's what they say. But Voyager offers a simpler interface, so it could be a better choice for beginners or those who prioritize ease-of-use. International users looking for lending, borrowing, and staking options, or institutional clients looking for other features may find other competitors more valuable as Voyager is only available for US users outside of NY state, and those in US territories, but the exchange has plans to expand to Canada and Europe later this year. Everyday there is a post about these crazy over inflated withdrawal fees, Modified on: Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 12:48 PM. The app is also ideal for institutions in need of order execution and custodial crypto services. Because of these fees, you're better off using other payment methods. Voyager instead makes money on the spread (the bid/ask) of the coin being traded. Because of this, they will need to make sure that their records are kept up to scratch. In other words, Voyager makes money when it saves you money on an order by executing it at a better price. Your order will automatically be rejected if you try to put in a trade worth less than $10. From there, fill in the details of the withdrawal including toggling the correct currency and be sure to include a tag or memo if needed. On Celsius interest rates are not fixed, but fluctuate based on demand on a weekly basis. There are some very high fees hidden into the Buy/Sell Spreads that can range from 1% to 3%. 0% (Voyager earns money if it saves you money by executing your order at a better price), $0.99-$2.99 fee for USD web and mobile transactions between $10 and $200 (1.49% fee for transactions over $200); 0.50% convenience fee; 3.49% debit card transfers. Individual 401(k) & Individual Roth 401(k) plans. Comments are solely the opinions of their authors. Binance requires full KYC now to trade even spot products, and Voyager requires full KYC compliance as well to use, being a public US company. Its listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol VYGVF. "@CrucibleChris Yup, sending funds between Voyager customers will not require withdrawal fees. Personal Finance Insider's picks for best cryptocurrency exchanges, The best cryptocurrency apps for trading dogecoin, Voyager vs. Coinbase: How the crypto platforms compare, The best cryptocurrency exchanges for trading bitcoin and other assets, What is cryptocurrency? Other features of the Voyager crypto app is that you do earn interest on some of the coins you hold in your Voyager wallet. Other disadvantages of Voyager include the fact that there are no crypto-to-crypto trading pairs and the exchange may involve a long verification and/or waitlist period to create an account due to demand. Though Voyager's cryptocurrencies are commission-free, the app makes money (known as the "spread fee") when you save money on an order. Other competitors to Voyager include which also offers a similar full-featured app and crypto financial services, Kraken, and Gemini. Voyager Network Fees on Withdrawals Can anyone tell me what the network fees are for withdrawing ETH and BTC from Voyager? Cookie Notice Continuing their insistence of accessibility, even opening an account with Voyager is laughably easy. Thanks! This will allow Voyager to verify your identity. And interest is paid out weekly, a clear advantage over competitors who do it monthly. Yes, KYC verification is mandatory at Voyager as it is a regulated public company and US-compliant exchange. Support is only available via email that can be accessed through inputting a request within the app and self-custody is not available as Voyager is not a non-custodial wallet, but rather an exchange that offers a custodial wallet as part of its services. US users trading at FTX US need to do KYC procedures and likewise for Voyager. It says customers with USD in their accounts will receive access to the money after it completes a reconciliation and fraud process with Metropolitan Commercial Bank. Despite being mobile-focused, Voyager has an impressive number of features that help it go toe-to-toe with popular exchanges and lending platforms. Because of the fee structure, Voyager can be more cost-effective than trading with Coinbase or Gemini, provided you dont make too many withdrawals.Its also worth noting that Voyager doesnt have the best interest rates. This is different from most exchanges that prioritize desktop support. Firstly, a word of advice. All customer assets are currently frozen as of July 2022. US investors and traders are allowed to use Gemini with KYC verification only, since Gemini is regulated and based in the USA, however as a result, Gemini offers no margin or futures products, and neither does Voyager. I highly recommend freezing your credit reports with Experian, Equifax and Transunion. On the other side is Voyager crypto that started operations back in 2017. Voyager is not recommended for anyone at this time. I don't think they are small or minor. They do! This includes your name, address, email, mobile phone number, and date of birth. An advantage for high volume traders will be the volume-tiered fees at Coinbase, which decrease most rapidly over $20M in 30-day trading volume. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Unlike competitors on Celsius, investors can deposit as little as they wish. For more information, please see our Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Though I wouldnt want to put this to the test. One of the downsides of Voyager is the limited ways that you can use it. Voyager also has a limited selection of educational support for beginner traders. Better Business Bureau ratings usually range from A+ to F, but the BBB has given Voyager an F for multiple reasons: (1) the platform failed to respond to 157 complaints, (2) it received 185 complaints, (3) it's received multiple government actions, and (4) it never resolved two complaints that customers filed against it. Along with services tailored for retail investors, Voyager also offersinstitutionalclient services that leverage the crypto trading technology behind the Voyager retail app. as well as other partner offers and accept our, No trading fees (excluding the small spread fee Voyager earns for executing orders at better prices), Access to 100+ cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, and dogecoin, You can fund account instantly with cash or crypto transfers, Voyager filed for bankruptcy in July 2022, No self-custody for individuals, meaning you can't secure your crypto assets with a private key you control (Voyager says this feature is coming soon), Not available for New York residents, and international support is limited (see full list of supported countries here). Voyager Institutional brings deeper liquidity, broader market access, and more effective trading to financial institutions and technology businesses. That's like paying $30 to $35 to take money out of an ATM. Its only available on mobile devices. This round is close but Celsius comes out on top providing higher yields around 1-3% over the board. Bottom Line. My job with Captainaltcoin is the content editor and content writer position. For starters, cash is FDIC-insured up to $250,000, so your cash balance has some protection. Average: 11.3516 DOGE ($0.92). When Voyager launched in 2018, it did so with the aim of offering investors a no trading fee feature and as a mobile-first exchange. Comments may be held for moderation and are subject to approval. Voyager pays you $25 in free Bitcoin if someone you refer funds their account and spends at least $100. Comparison of cryptocurrency withdrawal fees, in nominal and fiat value. It will be compatible with both Android and iOS. Voyager raised over $100 million under private funding. It will also make it easier for Voyager to spot any signs of fraud. This doesnt influence our evaluations or reviews. This ensures that they will need to meet regulatory scrutiny. Voyager offers an excellent mobile app and is a mobile-only exchange at the moment with plans to launch a desktop trading platform in the future, but even so offers 80+ coins and shines in its competitive rewards and interest-earning program with rates as high as 12% for many crypto assets, without the need for lockups or opt-ins, unlike most other exchanges. New accounts have a daily deposit limit of $10K. USDC is $20, for example. I am just wondering when I finally do sell my VGX(in a long time after the moon landing) for cash will I be charged to take it out of the app into my Chase bank account ? Voyager is a cryptocurrency broker that began in 2017. The exception is those living in New York. 2021 You can do so by finding "Account" in the Voyager app, selecting "Transfer Cash or Crypto," and navigating to "Transfer Crypto" and tapping "Send Crypto out of Voyager." Click here to see the list of withdrawal fees for cryptos. This is a better way to spend your crypto then selling it. Thanks yall. Check out: Personal Finance Insider's review of eToro. This can be pretty steep for some of the coins. Generally, Voyager fees allow you to only pay flat fees per token, as well as $50 for wire transfers. US users can use the exchange unless they are residents of NY state. Binances maker-taker fee schedule is unique in its competitiveness compared to that of other exchanges, starting at 0.1%, plus Binance also offers further 25% reduction in fees if paid in BNB, alongside offering reduced fee tiers for higher volume and even maker rebates. The team that runs Voyager can be found online, with links to their LinkedIn pages. If Voyager beats the quote price, it takes a portion of those savings and passes some savings onto you.Unfortunately, Voyager doesnt state how much it takes. Whenever I connect to my bank account, I have an extra checking account that I only use for suspicious platforms. Coinbase is better in all aspects of functionality and range of trading coins and products offered if compared to Voyager, since it is more of a desktop-first exchange compared to Voyager being a mobile-only exchange. What Is Staking And How Can You Make Money With Your Crypto? Limit Buy/Sell: Whenever you try to buy or sell a cryptocurrency using the Voyager app, it automatically defaults to Market Buy/Sell. This is similar to companies like BlockFi and Celsius that let you deposit cryptocurrency to earn interest.Heres how Voyagers cryptocurrency rewards rates look for several popular cryptos and stablecoins: Rates are subject to change. There might be further legal requirements that you need to meet. By staking CEL youll earn up to 30% on your deposit. SMS verification is the default method. It allows traders to use their Smart Order Routing technology and make the most of every trade by taking advantage of the discrepancies between different exchanges. Best Crypto Signals (Telegram & Discord) Are Crypto Groups Worth It? As for customer support, Voyager offers a support service center users can access via logging into the app and submitting a query. Withdrawing 0.002585 yields an "industry standard" fee of 0.000500. This is the same technology many leading fintech apps use and it helps keep your data secure and private. For US users who desire access to a high quality exchange that is also a publicly trading company, Voyager makes a great choice if users are willing to forego some features such as advanced charting or futures trading. BlockFi makes money on the spread and allows cryptocurrency withdrawals, while Voyager uses flat-rate transaction fees and does not allow cryptocurrency withdrawals. Voyager follows KYC requirements. This is the ONLY exchange that does this which is nonsense. By changing interest so often investors who for example were expecting a 10% interest and end up with 8% are going to be let down. The company has its headquarters in Jersey City, New Jersey, making it a U.S.-regulated company. Our partners compensate us. There are no fees for signing up or for having an inactive account, nor any fees for holding funds in an account, and users may hold assets as long as desired and automatically earn interest on them without having to lock assets in a separate account or opt in. Lending platforms always set their minimum deposit amount way to high, but not Celsius. The Invest Voyager App uses Plaid to connect to your bank accounts so you can securely transfer money. This is how Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies like Algorand and Cardano operate versus something like Bitcoin, which relies on mining and Proof-of-Work (PoW). They do apply. It's about the same to withdraw STMX, which I know is because of gas fees, but still. Required fields are marked. Some withdrawal fees can be anywhere from $10-$15USD (full list here). The fee is charged for every participant in a plan. Like many other people, I have been burnt by shady companies in the past. So if you dont have $10, the Voyager crypto app doesnt want anything to do with you. Voyager and Geminibothhave the following in common: huge crypto selections, low minimums, and crypto services for institutions. Those are very high fees. The bid and ask prices can have a spread up to 3%. There is a 1% fee to convert and withdraw your crypto to cash in addition to standard network fees. Yes. Then use USD to buy VGX. I wouldnt say that Voyager is a scam, but I would say their business practice is not in the best interest of their customers. How To File A Complaint Against A Crypto Exchange [Crypto Regulators], Copyright 2023 | Cult of Money | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. If you want to increase your security, you may want to eventually move your funds from Voyager to a wallet like Ledger where you have full control. Kraken is accessible in 48 US states with KYC and is regulated and licensed by FinCEN in the USA, while US users can also use Voyager and Voyager is a public company that is also audited and regulated in the USA. Celsius Network offers a wide range of products and services to help you manage your money, pay bills or send/receive payments. There are no limits on crypto deposits. Owning certain amounts of VGX places you into different tiers, which unlocks perks like referral bonuses and bonus cryptocurrency. Voyager Token $0.32809887-0. Median: 4.5 DOGE ($0.36). CEL holders receive in airdrops 80% of the networks profits. Voyager is also publicly-traded like its competitor Coinbase.Voyager supports over 60 digital assets and lets you buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio from its mobile app. USDC is $20, for example. I know Voyager charges 0.01 ETH and 0.0004 BTC to withdraw but thats their own fee. After getting your account approved, just deposit $100 into your Invest Voyager account. I transferred $111.29 worth of USDC and then used it to buy $108 worth of Uniswap tokens$3 was complete. This tells me that Voyager app is rolling their fee into every order. 7 . Thats why it also offers free crypto education, so that traders know what theyre getting into. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If we compare the staking and interest programs of the two exchanges, Voyager offers better rates at up to 12% with no lockups or opt-in required, while Gemini's Gemini Earn product requires lockups and offers lower rates. All products and services are presented without warranty. KYC verification is mandatory at Voyager as it is a regulated public company and US-compliant exchange. But Gemini offers more services. Voyager is publicly traded, licensed, and regulated, which means the exchange is audited to ensure that every asset is accounted for in the exchanges secure system. Lets find out! With support for over 60 cryptocurrencies and commission-free trading, its also very beginner friendly.But just like picking the right brokerage account, you need to find a cryptocurrency broker that has the features you need. Proof Of Stake vs. I dont recommend the Voyager crypto app, but I do like free money. The companys Twitter account is very active. Plaid is a pretty common service that youll see that allows you to create a connection to your bank with their supported platforms. Our opinions are our own. Before Insider, Rickie worked as a personal finance writer at SmartAsset, focusing on retirement, investing, taxes, and banking topics. Affiliate partners cannot pay CaptainAltcoin to guarantee favorable review or higher ratings on the website. Voyager is also a publicly traded company. However, Voyager still wins in the fee department by offering 0 trading fees. Both platforms excel in their simplicity. Though Voyager's cryptocurrencies are commission-free, the app makes money (known as the "spread fee") when you save money on an order. of 4,000 DOGE, and FDIC insurance on USD holdings. 2022 - All Rights Reserved These include Gemini Wallet, Gemini Pay, Gemini Custody, and multiple other trading platforms. Overall, Voyager uses excellent security features and is a great mobile exchange/app with a great reputation. Crypto withdrawal fees are subject to change and are regularly adjusted to reflect the cost of transacting on each network's respective blockchain. The withdrawal limits are as follows: $25K maximum market value on withdrawals within a 24-hour period, and a maximum total of 20 withdrawals in a 24 hour period. This means you have to provide personal information including your: Voyager also asks you to verify your identity which usually involves uploading a picture of you holding your drivers license or passport. It does beat many exchanges, but platforms like and Celsius pay up to approximately 14.5% APY and 17% APY respectively. Heres how Voyager stacks up against two popular U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges: Spread fee that's applied when Voyager is able improve the price of your order, $0.99 to $2.99 or 1.49% of trade (over $200). They also offer their service on a mobile app so you access them wherever you are. However, if you're transferring FIAT through wire transfer at Voyager then you'll have to pay a $50 fee. The withdrawal options including the blockchain network and any associated fees will then populate on the screen. Interest rates on both platforms fluctuate based on demand, so these are at time of writing. . Traders looking solely for the most advanced trading options such as high leverage margin and futures products specific to crypto only will prefer Binance, as it offers many USDT futures pairs not found anywhere else besides potentially OKX or FTX. Voyager Frequently asked questions (FAQ), Fee-only vs. commission financial advisor, See a complete list of Voyager's supported coins and crypto assets here, Learn more about how Personal Finance Insider chooses, rates, and covers financial products and services , American Express High Yield Savings Account. The technology automatically connects with dozens of other exchanges and allows you to pick the best. Currently, Voyager is available in every U.S. state except New York. Once Voyager verifies your account, you get an email and app notification that you can begin trading. This isnt ideal as investors look for consistency when earning passive income on a platform. In this conversation. If you want to sign-up for the Voyager crypto app, you can use my Voyager promo code for a $25 sign up bonus. The same goes for maximum deposits. I do not plan on doing that . If you dont trust the Voyager app, I completely agree. That's a big deal, as it means that they didn't clearly keep customer asset separate. Market Buy/Sell: As mentioned in the fees section earlier, you will be subject to the rolled in fees Voyager has when you buy or sell a cryptocurrency. Just send USD or sell to ltc and send that? Unlike other exchanges, there are no lockup periods required with this program. As mentioned, Voyager uses its Smart Order Router technology to find pricing discrepancies across various exchanges to try and beat quoted prices.

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